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Create public and irreversible bets in less than 10 minutes, prove you are right and earn money.

IBetYou is a smarter way to place and track your public bets.Keep 'em all in one place, make sure no one bails out,and win money in your favorite cryptocurrency.

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Choose a topic that people are interested in.

Sports?, Crypto?, Politics?Random?, create a bet related to the topic you want, describe it and make it public for people to bet for or against you. Prove you're right. Show they're wrong. Get sweet, sweet crypto

Win a bet and we’ll deliver your opponent’s money straight to your existing crypto wallet.

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Set your own rules, assign custom deadlines, and track your bets — all in one place.

IBetYou is an all-in-one betting platform that lets you choose who what to bet on, and when your bet expires.

It also stores all your past and active bets so you can track how much money you earned and how many times you won.

No limitations. No guesswork.No forgetting..

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Secure your payouts and play for free, forever.

When you create a public bet and somebody joins, we instantly put a smart contract in place. That means no one can wriggle their way out of paying when the bet expires.

You get all that—and more—for free, because we want to put a stop to false promises and unfulfilled bets worldwide.

No extra fees. No hidden costs.Entirely free..

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How do I get started?

  • Log in with your existing crypto wallet.

  • Create a public bet related to any topic

  • Prove that you re right and win crypto